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F.A.Q’S For “Officialguides.com

What is officialguides.com?

OG is a multilingual website that allows professional tour guides around the world to publish and sell their private tours online.

In which city and languages does OG operate?

Any country, province or city around the world and in 31 languages.

What is the advantages of OG for tour guides?

  • You can offer and sell your tours directly to the guest.
  • OG receives no commission other than a voluntary donation. Therefore, you can sell your tours at a more affordable price.
  • We publish your profiles and tours on Google in the language you want, thus making it easier for you to reach the target audience.

What is required for membership?

  • Filling the application form completely
  • A picture of your license or guiding ID.
  • 3 tour guide contacts in different languages


  • Officialtourguides.com is an internet platform that helps guides and travelers come together, it does not sell services or tours.
  • Officialtourguides.com cannot be held responsible for any problems between guides and visitors.
  • Each member may offer their own tour program at a price preferred, reservation and confirmation methods and risks are under the guide’s responsibility and can receive payments by any method preferred.
  • Officialtourguides.com strives to make the guide profiles appear on the top pages of the search engines and in this way strives to increase the business potential of its members.
  • Officialtourguides.com does not charge any service fees or commissions in return of this service. However, it accepts voluntary donations.
  • A tour guide who wishes to have his/her profile on officialtourguides.com is deemed to have accepted these terms.
  • Communication with the tour guides is provided via info@officialguides.com.